Contractors FAQ

Q. When is the payroll cut-off and when will I receive my pay?

Your timesheet must be submitted and approved by 6.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time (AEDST) each Monday, or 10.00am AEDST on Tuesday, following a public holiday. You can complete online via the Ashdown Contractor Portal and either Fieldglass or Beeline. Upon starting your placement your Ashdown Consultant will advise you of the relevant portal to you but if you are not sure then please email payroll@ashdownpeople.com.au

For all new contracts, please ensure that your online on-boarding and Payroll ready documents are completed and submitted by 6.00pm AEDST each Monday, or 10.00am AEDST on Tuesday, following a public holiday, as communicated to you in the Portal welcome email (from Astute).

Once Ashdown has received your approved timesheet by the above deadlines; you will be paid directly into your nominated bank account on Thursday of that week.

Q. How often will I be paid?

Payroll is processed on a weekly basis on Thursday with cleared funds available the following day for most banking institutions. For further information on pay dates, please refer to the schedule available on the Astute Portal Dashboard.

Q. What happens if I miss the payroll deadline?

If you miss the payroll deadline then the payment will be processed the following week.

Q. How do I change my personal details?

You can login to the Ashdown Contractor Portal (Astute) and change your personal details such as your bank details. Or email us via payroll@ashdownpeople.com.au

Q: Why haven’t I been paid?

Below are possible reasons that may have resulted in you not being paid:

  • Did you have the correct week ending date on your timesheet?

  • Did we receive your approved timesheet by 6pm Monday, Sydney time?

  • Did you use the correct details for your timesheet i.e the correct job?

  • Did you complete the hourly timesheet with start and end time and meal breaks – i.e. not just the total hours worked?

  • Have you provided your bank details correctly? You can check these details by logging into our Ashdown Timesheet Portal: - Your bank account name as set up with the bank - Your BSB - Your bank account number

  • For new hires: did payroll receive your completed documents by payroll cut off?

Q. How do I complete my timesheet?

Please complete your timesheet via Ashdown Contractor Portal (Astute), Fieldglass or Beeline with start & end time. Upon starting your placement your Ashdown Consultant will advise you of the relevant portal to you but if you are not sure then please email payroll@ashdownpeople.com.au

Please remember to include your meal break hours. Hourly timesheet: you must include a start time, a finish time and a break. You will need to enter each day using the drop down boxes available. Daily timesheet: you will need to enter a full day or a fraction of the day that is available from the drop down.

Q. How will I receive my payslip?

Your payslip will be sent as a pdf document via email to you after each payroll. To ensure you receive your payslips, please provide your correct email address upon submission of your documents.

Alternatively you can login into your Ashdown Contractor Portal (Astute) and then go to the profile section. Click on Pay Advices and all your payslips should be available for you download as a PDF or Print.

Q. How much superannuation do I receive?

If you are contracting under a PAYG or employment arrangement, your superannuation payment will be equal to 10% of your base pay rate. Your superannuation can be paid to Ashdown’s default fund, SUN Superannuation or alternatively you can complete a superannuation choice form to nominate a fund of your choice when you fill in your superannuation details in Ashdown Contractor Portal (Astute).

​Superannuation is paid quarterly.

Q. I am a PTY (Independent) candidate – what insurance do I need?

You will need to provide us with a copy of the following:

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation & Australian Business Number

  • A current Public Liability Insurance Policy with $10 million cover

  • A current Workers Compensation Policy (You must have this)

  • A current Professional Indemnity Policy with $10 million cover

  • If you don’t have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy and Professional Indemnity Policy you can choose to use Ashdown’s policy at an additional charge of $1 per day worked.

  • NSW Contractors Only – Completed and signed Subcontractors Statement regarding Workers Compensation and Payroll Tax. You must also submit your tax invoice to payroll@ashdownpeople.com.au before payroll cut-off.

  • If you are a PTY candidate, you will need to provide company bank details using the Schedule page of the contract. We cannot accept personal bank details.

Q. I am a PTY (Third party company) candidate - what do I need to provide?

If you are contracting through a third-party company, please read the following:

Ashdown People makes no recommendation as to the suitability of such arrangements, nor does it endorse any management company. We accept no liability whatsoever for any engagement that you enter into with a management company. You are strongly recommended to make your own inquiries as to the suitability of any such arrangement and its compliance with any tax, payroll and immigration regulations.

  • The Agreement must be signed by you and an authorised representative of the management company.

  • Your completed Timesheets need to be sent directly to your management company to allow them time to prepare a tax invoice, before submitting both Timesheet and tax invoice to Ashdown for payment by our weekly deadline.

  • Ashdown takes no responsibility for any processing delays that may occur as a result of a candidate electing to use a management company.

  • Ashdown reserves the right to refuse to deal with any management company should we determine that such dealings are not in the best interests of Ashdown.

Q. Am I entitled to leave?

Contractors do not have any leave accrual/entitlement as they are casual employee. Most casual employees receive a casual loading per award on their base hourly rate to compensate for this.

Q. What do I do if I am sick?

Call your line manager so they know and your consultant at Ashdown by 8am so that they can inform the client and find a replacement if necessary. Sick leave is unpaid, as it is covered by the casual loading included in your hourly rate.

Q. Can I take time off?

We would not expect you to need time off in short-term assignments (i.e. less than a week or two). If you are attending interviews for permanent jobs, they should be made outside of normal business hours where possible. If you need to take some time off, always speak to your consultant (no matter how little time is required) so that we can liaise with the client.

Q. How do I report a workplace hazard?

A hazard is any source of harm or potential harm to a person or to property/equipment. This can include unsafe work practices or any other aspects of the work environment. Should you identify a hazard in your workplace which you are unable to safely resolve yourself report it to your supervisor. If you are dissatisfied with the steps taken by your supervisor to address the hazard, you must escalate the issue to your Ashdown People consultant.