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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment 

I got into recruitment because I never wanted two days to be the same and wanting a job where you never stop learning. Every day I am working multiple assignments across multiple industries with a wide range of stakeholders and daily deadlines. Never a dull day! My primary focus is to partner with candidates and clients, using the depth and breadth of my expertise and market knowledge to ensure I make the unique match that makes individuals, companies and industries thrive.

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

I have grown up on the central coast and have enjoyed the lifestyle of beach and country. I enjoy hanging out with my friends on the weekends going to bar and restaurants (with a weakness for gin). In my down time, I'll binge watch he latest show on Netflix or read a new book.

Q. Field in which you specialise

I specialise in Information Technology and Data Analytics.

  • Testimonial 44
    ​Thank you Tim for responding me in a timely manner.
    Muhammad Candidate
  • Testimonial 38
    ​Tim is awesome, very smart, looks after his candidates, supportive The guy is a champ. Very professional on his Game!
    Umair Candidate
  • Testimonial 26
    ​He is prompt and approachable. I found him very professional and someone I will be happy to work in long run. Keep it up!
    Amit Candidate
  • Testimonial 28
    ​Tim was great at explaining the role and the process.
    Abhishek Candidate
  • Testimonial 27
    ​Tim called me back promptly after I applied and outlined the role and my suitability well. Friendly and professional and could relate to my current predicament.
    Teresa Candidate
  • Testimonial 24
    ​Dedicated professional providing excellent support, exhibits great relationship management and communication skills.
    Inam Haque
  • Testimonial 22
    ​Tim seems like a very positive person from my conversations with him. He was very upfront and honest about roles and I felt like he was more focused on my needs when looking for a suitable role which has been refreshing as some agencies only focus on filling roles rather than looking after its contractors.
    Jess Candidate
  • Testimonial 20
    ​Tim's help has been nothing short of excellent. I'm very thankful for his assistance in finding me this role and if there ever comes a time where I need help from him again I won't hesitate to contact him! Can't thank him enough.
    Bethany Candidate
  • Testimonial 19
    ​Tim has been very helpful and considerate also understanding in attempting to secure a new contract for me.
    Lavinia Candidate
  • Testimonial 18
    ​Tim was time efficient, professional and made you feel really included in the recruitment process, not like you were just another candidate or number. Would highly recommend for your recruiting needs!
    Louisa Candidate
  • Testimonial 15
    ​Tim is energetic and passionate about his work. His quick turnaround on an urgent role shows his commitment.
    Ash Mohamed Candidate
  • Testimonials 6
    Excellent coordinator and communicator - Sharp as a tack - Very attentive to broader opportunities across wider clients to match perfect resources.
    Mark Mondnegari Candidate