Stephanie Ling

Associate Consultant

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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment

I joined Ashdown’s recruitment team as I saw it as a great opportunity in which I would be able to help individuals find the right job as I am passionate about caring for others and ensuring they are looked after.

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

Outside work I enjoy spending time at the beach or grabbing a smoothie with my friends to catch up. I also enjoy travelling around the world to experience different cultures and cuisines. My favourite place to visit so far is New Zealand with its range of natural landscapes and daring activities. I have always loved playing sports growing up, including Netball which I have been playing now for 16 years.

Q. Field in which you specialise

At Ashdown People, I specialise in recruiting roles in Communications and Marketing.

  • Testimonial 45
    ​Stephanie has been professional and prompt while helping me apply for the role. She encouraged questions from my side and tried to understand my situation quite well. I wish her all the best!
    Vidushi Candidate
  • Testimonial 43
    ​Great new recruiter to the industry. We need more like recruiters like Steph, she has great com,ms, drive and ambition.
    Amir Candidate
  • Testimonial 44
    ​Stephanie is a true professional- Responsive, articulate, clear and open.
    Rob Candidate
  • Testimonial 43
    ​Stephanie was were professional and clear about the role opportunity through out the recruitment process.
    Guillermo Candidate
  • Testimonial 42
    ​Stephanie was very pleasant to talk to and gave good feedback. Very enthusiastic and passionate.
    Venetia Candidate
  • Testimonial 40
    ​Stephanie has been very professional keeping me updated on the progress of the position. She was very clear in her description of the position and my suitability. She has been delightful to deal with and showed a genuine interest rather than treating me like a number. Very impressed!
    Cindy Candidate
  • Testimonial 39
    ​Stephanie was professional but she managed to exude an air of friendliness that made me feel at ease and relaxed. She covered all the salient points of the discussion. Thanks Steph!
    Elizabeth Candidate
  • Testimonial 34
    ​Stephanie is very down to earth and professional and got me a dream job
    Peter Candidate
  • Testimonial 33
    ​Stephanie is great, she identified that my skill set fits best for the position she approached me with and is very professional.
    Peter Candidate
  • Testimonial 32
    ​Stephanie was great she made me feel at ease .She kept me informed every step of the way.It was a pleasure dealing with her.
    Louise Candidate
  • Testimonial 32
    ​Stephanie has been a great help, she has kept me informed and updated along the way. She knows a lot about the client and has provided me with a much more positive experience that many other recruiters.
    Gary Candidate
  • Testimonial 31
    Stephanie is a very good agent. I would like to work with her in future.
    Atiqul Candidate
  • Testimonial 30
    ​Steph is an awesome recruiter, keeps you updated at all times and answers all your questions ! Really glad that she’s the one helping me!
    Jessie Candidate
  • Testimonial 29
    ​Stephanie is very professional and efficient. Most helpful and charming.
    Christopher Candidate
  • Testimonial 25
    ​Precisely reliable recruiter
    Kiran Candidate
  • Testimonial 17
    ​Stephanie was very helpful and interested in the roles I was interested in applying for.
    Barbra Magee Candidate
  • Testimonial 12
    ​Thank you Stephanie for working with me on this position. Your guidance during the procedure and quick updates are well appreciated.
    Nasir Candidate
  • Testimonials 5
    Stephanie is able to instantly make candidates feel comfortable and draw out the best in them. She’s a great listener too!
    Maha Candidate