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Shaun De La Mare

Associate Consultant

  1. 0466 643 672
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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment

I was working in the Mobile Crane industry for up to 5 years, when I got promoted to the role of Crane Operations Manager. Which involved dealing with clients and negotiating work on a day-to-day basis, I started to enjoy the speaking with client’s side and helping people. I then was having dinner with my Fiancé and a friend of hers who had worked in recruitment started talking to me regularly about what it involved. From there I decided it was a path I wanted to look into, I found Ashdown people who gave me the start and here I am.


Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

Outside of work I enjoy my Rugby league, Motorbike riding, Gym and Bushwalking. I grew up playing Rugby league and played up until I was 21 and am still a big fan today. I also enjoy a morning workout and then having a nice coffee. I grew up in the blue mountains, so bushwalking was something I got quite into as there were many places to explore.


Q. Field in which you specialise

I specialise in recruiting skilled Technology and Data Analytics across NSW government contracts