Ripesh Damania

General Manager

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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment 

It is a funny story really, I graduated with a degree in Psychology and like all grads I had no clue what I wanted to do. I reached out to a company who did hospitality recruitment for some admin work (I use to work a number of shifts at different sporting venues during my time at University for them) and they offered me a role in recruitment. Through this role I met my wife. She was doing the typical Australian travelling/work stint and I knew at some point she would drag me to Australia kicking and screaming. At that point in 2010, I joined a large global recruitment firm in London with the hope of building up my CV and as chance would have it, they transferred me to Sydney back in 2012. Let’s just say since then I have never looked back…. 

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

I have a variety of hobbies. I enjoy playing sports like football, tennis and golf but my number one hobby would be wine colleting. There are dozens of wine producing countries, hundreds of grape varieties, thousands of vineyard regions, tens of thousands of producers … you get the picture! Wines are often intimately associated with the cuisine and culture of the region that they come from, and wine regions/vineyards are often steeped in historical significance with beautiful landscapes. The world of wine is constantly changing. New regions emerge; with each successive generation producers can improve or get worse; fashions come and go; and to top it all, each new vintage shakes things up once more. It is a self-renewing hobby. You get to consume and thus 'experience' the object of your hobby.

Q. Field in which you specialise

I started my career recruiting in Accounting & Finance, since then I have recruited and led businesses across Accounting & Finance, Office Support, Technology, Data Analytics, Sales and now Marcomms.

  • Testimonial 167 - Ripesh
    ​He is very prompt at responding to any queries.
    Marisa Candidate
  • Testimonial 166 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh quickly resolved all onboarding documents for the role and has been very thorough in communicating next steps.
    Alastair Candidate
  • Testimonial 153 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was great in all aspects, providing all necessary info and streamlining the onboarding. Looking forward to working together in the future.
    Alan Candidate
  • Testimonial 148 - Ripesh
    ​He provided information that I required for the job and helped with the payroll procedures. Thank you Ripesh
    Rod Candidate
  • Testimonial 144 - Ripesh
    ​Easy to communicate with.
    Uri Candidate
  • Testimonial 141 - Ripesh
    ​I found him very genuine and clear with all the information, I got the support from him over the phone and he cleared all my doubts related to the job, after the job also he been very helpful in order to provide me details related to my expense claim.
    Deepesh Candidate
  • Testimonial 140 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was very clear and precise on what was required of me and easy to talk to throughout the day with any concerns or queries. I would highly recommend and look forward to future interactions.
    Jack Candidate
  • Testimonial 138 - Ripesh
    ​Good communicator
    Ummul Candidate
  • Testimonial 136 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was just great! He took on my concerns and liaised with the potential employer on my behalf. He’s very honest and transparent. I would recommend Ripesh to anyone who’s looking for a recruitment consultant.
    Ploy Candidate
  • Testimonial 134 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was very clear all job details
    Aaron Candidate
  • Testimonial 133 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was very clear on all job details
    Aaron Candidate
  • Testimonial 131 - Ripesh
    ​Ripesh was there with me throughout my job application journey, showing support and his best interest in me. He is professional and you can count on him.
    Amy Candidate
  • Testimonial 121 - Ripesh
    ​Very helpful individual, assisted me throughout my process, easy to talk to and very professional.
    Arsheen Candidate
  • Testimonial 119 - Ripesh
    ​He submitted my CV for two position in the same company, that's proactive.
    Moono Candidate
  • Testimonial 113 - Ripesh
    ​Process was very smooth and quick. Thanks to Ripesh for guiding me. Hope to work with you again!
    Doa Candidate
  • Testimonial 107 - Ripesh
    ​Excellent communication and understanding of person's needs.
    Ummul Candidate
  • Testimonial 92 - Ripesh
    ​Thanks Ripesh, it was a long process of discovery for us recruiting in the data science space, and your support and guidance throughout to help us get to the right outcome was greatly appreciated.
    Rhiannon Hiring Company
  • Testimonial 23 - Ripesh
    Ripesh has shown what it takes to be a valuable recruiter for a job seeker. He responds quickly to your application by contacting you directly. He discusses your needs as well as sharing with you what you need to know to be able to meet the requirements for the job. You feel you have someone helping you in successfully securing it. If only all recruiters did this.
    Charles Candidate
  • Testimonial 21 - Ripesh
    Ripesh was really exemplary in his professionalism and empathetic touch towards me as a candidate and as a person. A fine balance that is difficult to achieve let alone practice.
    Anne Candidate
  • Testimonial 22 - Ripesh
    Ripesh was great, he answered the phone which is amazing for a recruiter! He explained the roles clearly to me and I felt he was genuinely interested in getting me a job. I am waiting to see what happens next but my first impression is that he is very professional and impressive.
    Karena Candidate