​Natalie Jefferys

Senior Consultant

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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment 

My career started in a small Registered Training Organisation where I quickly moved up the ranks and eventually landed on the sales and student recruitment team. The role allowed me to talk to prospective students about enrolling in courses, interviewing them and determining what course would be the best fit. A close friend then told me about the wonderful world of recruitment and just how similar it was to my student recruitment role, it was an easy transition from there. Making the change to agency recruitment in 2015, I excelled in working across the Digital team for a year and a half before making the switch to the Government team. I have specialised in recruiting various contingent and permanent roles in both private and public sectors across some IT Verticals and predominantly in MarComms. 

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

A little about me: I love all things art and I enjoy painting in my spare time and have a not so secret obsession with dinosaurs!

Q. Field in which you specialise