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​Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment

While I was studying a Bachelor of Commerce I did an internship at a recruitment agency where I was able to get a solid understanding of what the job consisted of. Once I finished my degree I thought it was a great opportunity and a good career path as it is a varied job that is people focused. I love being able to match talented candidates with clients.

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

Outside of work I love travelling and exploring new places. My last adventure was to Colombia which has beautiful beaches, a great culture and amazing hikes. I also enjoy picnics, taking my Labrador for walks and going to restaurants and bars with friends.

Q. Field in which you specialise

I specialise in recruiting Office Support

  • Testimonial 71
    ​Prompt and Easy to work with.
    Melissa Candidate
  • Testimonial 67
    ​Thank you for your help and offering a smooth process.
    Leanne Candidate
  • Testimonial 60
    ​Emma was very helpful and approachable to assist me with my current role and would recommend her to my friends for assistance in job hunt and I would like to thank her for all the support she provided to me.
    Ayesha Candidate
  • Testimonial 59
    ​Emma is a true professional. After applying for a role she has kept me informed and updated on all the necessary details and with good regularity. Thank you.
    Paul Candidate
  • Testimonial 56
    ​Emma is a professional, supportive and dedicated person. Throughout recruitment process she has been amazing with providing the definite information. I appreciate her assistance that she provided prior to the interview with the client. I cannot thank her enough for providing me with such an amazing career opportunity.
    Muhammad Candidate
  • Testimonial 55
    ​Emma was extremely helpful and approachable throughout the entire process, from interviewing to placement and ongoing support. She was always friendly and had a quick response time to any of my queries.
    Nicole Candidate
  • Testimonial 54
    ​Emma is a great recruiter. She is ever willing to help me to secure a role and easy to communicate and work closely with.
    Diva Candidate
  • Testimonial 37
    Emma is always helpful and interested in helping her candidates. She is caring and also dedicated in achieving outcomes.
    Maya Candidate
  • Testimonial 35
    ​Great communication with Emma throughout my role. She is approachable, caring, honest and goes above and beyond for employees!
    Jane Candidate