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​Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment

While I was studying a Bachelor of Commerce I did an internship at a recruitment agency where I was able to get a solid understanding of what the job consisted of. Once I finished my degree I thought it was a great opportunity and a good career path as it is a varied job that is people focused. I love being able to match talented candidates with clients.

Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work

Outside of work I love travelling and exploring new places. My last adventure was to Colombia which has beautiful beaches, a great culture and amazing hikes. I also enjoy picnics, taking my Labrador for walks and going to restaurants and bars with friends.

Q. Field in which you specialise

I specialise in recruiting Office Support

  • Testimonial 170 - Emma
    ​Emma is a lovely lady who explained all requirements relating to the opportunity.
    Roina Candidate
  • Testimonial 169 - Emma
    ​Very professional. Quick to respond.
    Lea Candidate
  • Testimonial 168 - Emma
    ​Very Helpful and user friendly
  • Testimonial 162 - Emma
    ​I loved that Emma called me after the interview and asked how it went
    Lindsay Candidate
  • Testimonial 159 - Emma
    ​Prompt in sending my cv forward
    Andrea Candidate
  • Testimonial 156 - Emma
    ​Emma is proficient and very prompt great service
    Andrea Candidate
  • Testimonial 154 - Emma
    Emma made the process easy and relaxing
    Amy Candidate
  • Testimonial 152- Emma
    ​Emma is helpful and very friendly , making you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I have also found Ashdown People as a Company very professional.
    Rose Candidate
  • Testimonial 151 - Emma
    ​Emma is the best, she knows what job is right and fights hard to get it for you.
    Daniel Candidate
  • Testimonial 149 - Emma
    ​I don’t usually leave reviews ever, but based on my experience with Emma - I’m more than willing to! There is nothing that I can fault Emma with. She was very informative, very kind and helpful and I felt she really was genuine. You know when you deal with people and you feel annoying for asking questions or like you’re asking silly questions? She never make me feel like that. She kept in constant contact throughout the process and always responded promptly! I could not have asked for anyone better! Thank you Emma!
    Delaney Candidate
  • Testimonial 142 - Emma
    ​I found Emma very professional and personable.
    Lea Candidate
  • Testimonial 139 - Emma
    ​Emma is hardworking and considerate. She is very good at keeping in contact and providing details and keeping you updated with progress.
    Carmen Candidate
  • Testimonial 137 - Emma
    ​Emma was able to secure my next step in my career path. Thank you so MUCH Emma
    Foni Candidate
  • Testimonial 130 - Emma
    ​Emma was on the ball in realising I was coming to the end of an assignment with previous company and offered me a role with another company which she set up interview and I successfully was accepted. Emma has always been very responsive with my questions and queries. I highly recommend Emma as a very professional, genuine and enthusiastic willing to help and assist.
    Amanda Candidate
  • Testimonial 129 - Emma
    ​Emma has been a great consultant and quick in communicating.
    Valerey Candidate
  • Testimonial 122 - Emma
    ​Very helpful, replies quickly, stayed in touch throughout process.
    Michelle Candidate
  • Testimonial 120 - Emma
    ​Emma is very approachable and always available to answer any questions.
    Joanne Candidate
  • Testimonial 118 - Emma
    ​Emma has been super helpful, supportive and always happy to answer any questions
    Donna Candidate
  • Testimonial 117 - Emma
    ​Grateful for your support Emma thanks heaps.
    Roimata Candidate
  • Testimonial 114 - Emma
    ​Emma was very pleasant and professional. A gem to deal with.
    Rose Candidate
  • Testimonial 109 - Emma
    ​Very helpful and super lovely!! Kept me updated through the whole process, from the application process to securing the contract. Very happy with the outcome.
    Kianna Candidate
  • Testimonial 108 - Emma
    ​Thank you Emma Marven for all your help and patience getting me this sort after role! I’m so excited to be in an office environment in call centre work where I feel right at home. I’m so grateful for the support you’ve given me. I’m on my way thanks to you.
    Naomi Candidate
  • Testimonial 106 - Emma
    ​Very good!
    Rachel Candidate
  • Testimonial 103 - Emma
    ​My experience with Emma was highly professional & the process was explained clearly. Thank you for your help in trying to gain employment.
    Sandra Candidate
  • Testimonial 97 - Emma
    ​Emma is a great partner to work with. I have always had a great experience with Emma especially since she has started working on our bulk recruitment drives. Emma is able to provide strong candidates within short timeframes. Emma is always responsive and is a pleasure to work with.
    Erin Hiring Company
  • Testimonial 96 - Emma
    ​Emma is very accessible, quick and straight forward in responding. Doesn't leave you wondering what's next.
    DC Candidate
  • Testimonial 93 - Emma
    ​Emma was amazing in her following up in regards to the job position and was great at preparing for the interview
    Chris Candidate
  • Testimonial 83 - Emma
    ​Very helpful. Thank you.
    Allison Candidate
  • Testimonial 82 - Emma
    ​Very Quick response when I submitted my application.
    Kirsty Candidate
  • Testimonial 80 - Emma
    ​Just want to say a big thanks to Emma for keeping an eye out for me
    Sharon Candidate
  • Testimonial 79 - Emma
    ​Communication is the key. As looking for a job can be tough Emma is so assuring whether there's work or not she keeps in contact via email or sms. Love that she keeps communication, shows that she cares.
    Talia Candidate
  • Testimonial 78 - Emma
    ​Thank you Emma for giving me this golden opportunity during hard times. Its been a quick process
    Sindy Candidate
  • Testimonial 77 - Emma
    ​Professional and kind
    Larisa Candidate
  • Testimonial 74 - Emma
    ​Emma is very helpful and concerned with ensuring I am advised and comfortable with the roles she recommends my application is submitted to. She is very clear about expectations of the role including salary, organisation, location and role.
    Carmen Candidate
  • Testimonial 73 - Emma
    ​Very helpful and prompt in her responses. Helped me secure a role.
    Melissa Candidate
  • Testimonial 72 - Emma
    ​Emma has been fantastic and supported me with employment opportunities as well as made sure that I was always doing okay. My experience with Emma and the team has been fantastic.
    Christopher Candidate
  • Testimonial 71 - Emma
    ​Prompt and Easy to work with.
    Melissa Candidate
  • Testimonial 67 - Emma
    ​Thank you for your help and offering a smooth process.
    Leanne Candidate
  • Testimonial 60 - Emma
    ​Emma was very helpful and approachable to assist me with my current role and would recommend her to my friends for assistance in job hunt and I would like to thank her for all the support she provided to me.
    Ayesha Candidate
  • Testimonial 59 - Emma
    ​Emma is a true professional. After applying for a role she has kept me informed and updated on all the necessary details and with good regularity. Thank you.
    Paul Candidate
  • Testimonial 56 - Emma
    ​Emma is a professional, supportive and dedicated person. Throughout recruitment process she has been amazing with providing the definite information. I appreciate her assistance that she provided prior to the interview with the client. I cannot thank her enough for providing me with such an amazing career opportunity.
    Muhammad Candidate
  • Testimonial 55 - Emma
    ​Emma was extremely helpful and approachable throughout the entire process, from interviewing to placement and ongoing support. She was always friendly and had a quick response time to any of my queries.
    Nicole Candidate
  • Testimonial 54 - Emma
    ​Emma is a great recruiter. She is ever willing to help me to secure a role and easy to communicate and work closely with.
    Diva Candidate
  • Testimonial 37
    Emma is always helpful and interested in helping her candidates. She is caring and also dedicated in achieving outcomes.
    Maya Candidate
  • Testimonial 35
    ​Great communication with Emma throughout my role. She is approachable, caring, honest and goes above and beyond for employees!
    Jane Candidate