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Aleksandar Vujovic


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Q. Why/ How did you end up in recruitment  

Like another team member of mine, I also started my recruitment career coming from a hospitality background. My years managerial experience within hospitality allowed me learn many transferable skills that I have brought with me to my current position at Ashdown. With my previous management experience, strong interpersonal skills and a passion for creating social connection, recruitment seemed like the natural path to go down! 


Q. Hobby/ interest outside of work 

Outside of work I love to go to the gym with my friends, take my dog on adventures, have a good drink with my mates and travel overseas. I also really enjoy learning languages and reading in my downtime. However, would have to say that by far my biggest hobby outside of work is eating and researching where to eat next! 

Q. Field in which you specialise

  ​I specialise in Business Support.