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Being a contractor is like dating!


A candidate once told me that being a career contractor is like dating!

You learn different things, what you want vs. what you don’t, and you can be picky. This is something that has resonated with me since I heard that analogy, and I think having that mindset can have a strong impact as a temporary employment recruiter.
As a recruiter this is something we should take strongly into consideration when working closely with candidates. I think this is something that can truly improve the overall candidate experience. Contract employment allows candidates to use transferable skills to seek countless opportunities and use these to pursue careers in not just one but many industries, but sometimes as recruiters we forget this advantage.
When it comes to career strategy why don't recruiters take more of a "candidate is always right" approach? As recruiters sometimes we put candidates in a box and don’t think creatively into how we can strategically expand their experience.
Sometimes we forget that a large part of recruitment is experience and customer service, that building those relationships with people is what it is about. This is something I have really pushed to contribute to my recruitment style and has shown me success in not only my work, but in the relationships, I am building on a day-to-day basis.

Three advantages of Temporary Employment:

  • Listen with open ears

One thing I think that all recruiters are guilty of is putting their candidates in a box. Whether it be skill set, experience, or salary, we automatically do this. When speaking to our candidates, one thing we are lacking is digging deep into: the wants, needs and desires. Contract employment allows everyone to have the advantage of using transferable skills to take on a larger variety of employment opportunities.

Why aren't recruiters utilizing this?
Speaking regularly to candidates about them exploring new industries and how to execute this is something that is extremely relevant in this current market. As recruiters we are in prime position of presenting new insights and guidance to both candidates and clients. So why have recruiters stopped asking these questions once a candidate is placed! Recruiters we should be speaking to their placed candidates as well as their current candidates searching for jobs on a regular basis and planning ahead. Having regular conversations with candidates of their likes, dislikes and goals is crucial in creating a strategy for their next adventure once the contract finishes.
  • Every Candidate has a home

Many recruiters will reject candidates based on one simple thing! If you do not tick al the boxes that their client is looking for. In all honesty this is the case often but living in a candidate short market…Every available candidate has a home. They may not be right for a specific position…They could be an excellent match for your next, or even one your colleague is working.


  • Trust is everything!

In the world of contract recruitment, it is safe to say there will be roles your candidates loved, but there will also be ones they disliked. I have experienced that when candidates have concerns or are not enjoying their roles their hesitation to raise this with their recruiter. Candidates are ultimately scared that the recruiter will inform the client and they will end up losing their job!
As recruiters we need to get better at having these conversations…Asking if there are any red flags in the role you have placed them in and how we can solve this. For the lack of better words everyone has been in a position where they have concerns or are unhappy with their job, so as recruiters why aren’t we doing a better job to solve this? Building this trust is a process and won’t happen overnight, but we are in the industry of helping people, so we need to stop being transactional recruiters!
Three simple ways, that are almost a natural process. From the candidate being on the market, to working with you, to strategizing their next move. There are a lot of mixed feelings about recruitment out there, but a lot of this is due from the transactional approach that can be taken. If we take a step back and look at a simple approach and bring the customer focused approach…Taking the time to work closely, build those
relationships and never stop looking ahead…There will be nothing but benefit from this in the industry.
…And who knows that candidate maybe your client one day!


I hope you this find this article useful – I urge my fellow recruiters to take a less transactional approach and build trust with their candidates so the ‘Stigma’ of recruiters just looking out for themselves can be changed!!!