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2022 Salary Index

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Our 2022 Salary Guide allows hiring managers, candidates and current employees to benchmark average salaries in Australia across a variety of different industries ranging from Accounting & Finance, Business Support, MarComms and Technology & Data Analytics.

The salary tables displays a compilation of average rates taken from recent positions across Australia, ranges are approximate guides only. The rates displayed below are base daily rates and annual salaries exclusive of superannuation.

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Australia’s economic outlook in 2022 is steady rather than spectacular, with the jobs market set to follow suit. We don’t expect an outbreak of substantial wages growth overall, but we do expect upward salary pressure for professionals in specialist areas within technology, infrastructure, and financial services.

While each industry and sector has its own checklist of required skills for the role, the one skill that appears to be at the top of every hiring manager’s list is - the ability to communicate, and deliver the key insights to stakeholders. Candidates that possess a combination of strong technical skills and the ability to partner with the business are in high demand in today’s hiring market.

Employers must have compelling value propositions and streamlined recruitment processes to attract top talent in the Australian market. Hiring managers need to present potential and existing talent with a complete package of reasons to work at their organisation – including competitive salary, flexible working, professional development, purpose beyond profit and collaborative culture. At the offer stage, hiring managers with nimble processes will invariably secure talent ahead of their competitors.

As a hiring manager, you can use the Salary Guide to help your business be competitive in securing top talent and retaining top employees. By understanding typical salaries across your industry, you can offer a competitive salary in order to attract top talent for your job listing.

As a candidate, you can use the Salary Guide to benchmark your salary and ensure you’re getting paid fairly and competitively. Benchmarking your salary will also give you an understanding of how your current organisation is paying, which can be useful to help you negotiate higher pay in your current role or to determine your next career move.