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Top Tips for Writing Job Adverts

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A good job advert is the cornerstone of your hiring process. It doesn’t matter how many jobs boards you post on, or how attractive your benefits are – if you can’t tell candidates why your role is worth applying to, then your company isn't getting the applications it needs.

Your job adverts are often the first place that candidates come into contact with your brand. That first impression says so much about the process candidates will go through with you. In fact, it takes the average job seeker under 60 seconds to decide on their perceived suitability for a role.

Here are some tips for writing job adverts:
1) Make an amazing first impression
The key to good advertising is grabbing the attention of the right people. If you are seeking a high-calibre, hard-working and knowledgeable candidate then your job post needs to be more than just one more on a job board.
The more energy and careful thought you put into writing your job advertisement, the better chance you have of attracting the high-achieving candidate your vacancy requires.

2) Writing search-friendly content
Just as with a web page, your job advertisement should be easily found in the search engines by relevant candidates.
You can increase the searchability of your job advertisement through the inclusion of keywords relating to the job type, the rank of the role, and the organization in clear sentences within your advertisement. However, it is vital that you do not overuse keywords as this will appear unnatural to the search engines and may decrease your ability to rank well for those keywords, thus having a detrimental effect on your achieving your goal.
3) It’s all in the formatting
An effective job advertisement is brief, clear, and to the point. You can achieve much of this with the format you choose to use. As many of your prospective candidates for a role will be job-seeking online using smartphones, tablets, and laptops during their commute or after work, brevity is key.
Your candidate will be scanning reams of job advertisements for key phrases – this is significantly more difficult to do when presented with a hefty paragraph. Instead use short,
4) What does your candidate want to know?
Your job advertisement should engage your candidate and lead them to contact you about the role; to achieve this result, you must identify what information is necessary to include. The structure of a job advertisement can differ according to industry, but generally, your key facts should be presented as follows:
      • About the Company (Information about your organisation)
      • About the Role (How is this different to other roles)
      • About You (What experience you require)
      • Benefits (What are the perks)

A well written job ad will not only help you attract talented professionals to apply, but it will also promote your company’s brand and allow you to build a strong talent pool of potential candidates for the future.