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Contractors Thoughts on the Current Situation

​No doubt, the current situation has been an unpredictable time for those looking for work, employees, contractors, and employers. This week I asked a few of my contractors their thoughts on the current job market and work situations. Here are some of the responses.

Would you consider moving in this current market?
When asked whether they would consider moving in this current market, most said no. The market was too unpredictable for them to consider moving, or they were loyal to their current role and had prospects of extending. A few said yes, however only if the role was remotely onboarded.
What would make you want to move?
With the current situation and many working from home, most contractors said they would like flexibility in their role to work from home and for varying personal situations. Others would move for higher rates, the opportunity to grow, or better location.

What attracts you to a role?
Similarly, with the current situation, many contractors were attracted by the flexibility of a role. Some valued the team culture, industry, exciting projects, or the opportunity for a long-term role to grow, learn and have stability. Autonomy was also a common answer, in not being micro-managed, and the ability to have depth within their role, not being confined to their job description.

Have you been more productive from home than in the office?
Most contractors indicated they were more productive from home as they had more flexibility, converted travel time to work time, and higher concentration than in an open plan environment. Correspondingly, some missed the set-up of the office, team interaction, and separation from home and work time.

How has your company helped you get through COVID?
It was great to hear that the contractors I surveyed were all supported by their current teams and team leaders. This was often in the form of regular online team meetings throughout the week and support of flexible work arrangements to suit different personal situations. Some teams have established the culture of having coffee or tea catch ups, or companies providing online forums to keep staff updated on current situations and keeping morale. Another company assisted their teams by investing in more user-friendly collaboration software and stable IT platforms to ensure individuals are supported in their work.
It’s been interesting to hear the different perspectives of contractors on the current situation and how their teams have supported them during this time. All businesses and teams have been impacted in some capacity during this pandemic, and it often comes down to individual responses and attitudes in supporting teams through this time.