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Dynamic Digital Market


​With the turn of the decade, it is more than evident that the world has become, and is ever increasing, in its digitalisation and technological advancement. It would be rare to find an Australian household without smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, or watches to access online content. Correspondingly, new technologies are rising and falling. Viewing content has evolved from 3D and 4D, to VR and 4K. Bluetooth has enabled the wireless connectivity of multiple devices. Google + and iTunes for Mac have been discontinued. Cloud services are widely used for storage and sharing solutions. Technology is constantly changing, whether updating to meet consumer trends, becoming redundant, or being more accessible to diverse users.

A growing trend is climate conscious consumers, who are increasingly aware of product impact on the environment. Apple has attempted to meet current trends in climate awareness with the investment in Daisy recycling technology, however is still far from closed-loop production and a technology which is inviable for most companies to adopt. Digital marcomms can consider how marketing and communications can address environmental and ethical issues which are increasingly common and important to a diverse group of consumers.


Accessible technology is similarly a growing trend. There is a demand for technology which is more inclusive for diverse populations and is customisable to meet consumer needs. Security technology has evolved to encompass aspects of privacy and wellbeing, to allow households to be monitored without video surveillance in the use of sensors. This technology is particularly targeted towards those who need protection and notification for falls, health and sleep monitoring, without the breach of privacy. Similarly, the Apple Watch Health app has enabled an instant record of health monitoring and trends. Accessible technology considers diverse demographics and creating solutions to meet a broader range of consumer needs.

Consequently, the role of digital marketers and communicators is constantly changing to meet consumer needs and changes in available technology. With new technology, digital marcomms must have a technological understanding of new platforms to effectively deliver campaigns. A technical knowledge and understanding of developing websites, handling data, and running social media campaigns is an increasingly defining skill for all digital marcomms roles. Similarly, being aware of new technology and how these platforms operate can ultimately contribute to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the reduction of noise in communications.

Team leaders are building more diverse teams, including those in the tech industry, as more diverse teams have the capacity to produce more diverse products, and appeal to a more diverse target market. The inclusion of diverse ideas and skills is fundamental to innovation, and only with continual upskilling and retraining can individuals maintain a competitive advantage within the tech industry. Although this is time consuming and far from then traditional ‘study then work’, it is necessary to adopt a continual learning attitude in all industries which involve forms of technology.

Simply subscribing to a tech blog can help keep you informed and updated on the latest technology and trends in the digital market. You don’t need to be an expert at the technical side of new platforms, however a knowledge of how they operate can be a defining factor of whether your campaigns are successful with these systems. Simply understanding the layout, features, and formats of technology can lift a marketing campaign or smooth out the communications process. Identifying these opportunities ultimately distinguishes digital marcomms professionals.